MCDFL Hexagon Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers Decorative Tiles

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MCDFL Hexagon Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers Decorative Tiles Self Adhesive Aesthetic Room Home Korean Decor Shower Makeup Panel

About This Item

• We have 5 size and 5 color for you to choose, meet all your needs of home decor.
• Made of premium PVC material with smooth & reflective surface, self-adhesive with glue on the back.
• Strong stickiness, Safe, Non-toxic, Environmental Protection, Waterproof, Anti-corrosion and Non-friable.
• Decorative mirror sticker design makes your home looks different, more attractive.
• It could apply to any smooth and clean surfaces such as walls, doors, windows, closet, etc.


Material: Acrylic (Not Glass, Not Plastic)
Shape: Geometric Hexagon
Color: Silver, Gold, Blue, Black, Red
Thickness: 0.1cm
4.6 x 4 x 2.3 cm (1.8 x 1.6 x 0.9 inch)
8 x 7 x 4 cm (3.2 x 2.8 x 1.6 inch)
10 x 8.7 x 5 cm (3.9 x 3.4 x 2 inch)
12.6 x 11 x 6.3 cm (5 x 4.3 x 2.5 inch)
15 x 13 x 7.5 cm (5.9 x 5.1 x 3 inch)
#Please make sure that the size of the mirror wall sticker meets your requirement before ordering#

Package Included

As the picture shown in your option

If you need bigger size, please click on the link below ⬇️ ⬇️

With Protective Film on the Front & Glue on the Back

There are protective film on the front to prevent scratches or damage during transportation. Self adhesive with glue on the back. In order to make the sticking stronger, we used super glue to prevent it from falling off.
Install all the mirror wall sticker first, then remove the protective film, and it will become clear. With smooth surface, the surface is reflective. Do not wipe with hard paper when cleaning the mirror to avoid scratches. #Please note that the mirror wall sticker decal with protective film is blurred#

How to Use

1. Clean the surface where you want to apply the stickers, make sure your surface is very smooth and clean before applying.
2. Tear off the back adhesive paper and stick it on wall or other surface.
3. Remove the transparent protective film from the mirror wall sticker to make it looks clearer and bright.

Not a Real Mirror

Please mind that the mirror wall sticker is not exactly a mirror. Our products are made of acrylic, and the reflection effect is definitely not as clear as real mirrors. But for decoration, it is lighter and safer than real mirrors. The smoother the surface, the clearer the reflection will be.

High Quality Material

These hexagon mirror wall decals are made of premium acrylic, which is light, waterproof, moisture proof, safe and reliable, sturdy and durable, not easy to break, can be applied with your confidence.

Optional Combination

You can give play to your imagination, DIY the set of optional combination into a variety of creative patterns, add decoration interest; After removing the protective film, the mirror paste has a reflective effect, making your home bright and personalized.

Wide Application

Acrylic mirror wall decals could be applied to most smooth and clean surfaces such as walls, doors, windows, closet and so on, suit for living room, children’s playroom, dining room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home, office, hallway, porch and many more.

Decorative Function

Decorative mirror wall sticker decal makes your home look different, more attractive; For the reflective surface can make your room brighter; The smoother the surface, the clearer the reflection will be.


– This is not a real mirror, please do not buy it as a mirror;
– Please paste on the smooth wall surface, such as for plastic surface, smooth wallpaper, smooth glass, wood surface, tile surface, metal surface, latex paint wall;
– Please do not use it on powder coated walls;
– Please make sure the wall is clean, otherwise the sticker will fall after 24 hours;
– Install all the mirror wall sticker first, then remove the protective film;
– Do not wipe with hard paper when cleaning the mirror to avoid scratches;
– It is not recommended to use in the kitchen, long-term high temperature will make it deformed;
– Cutting is not recommended and cannot be guaranteed not to break;

Please Know

1. Due to manual measurement, a measurement error of 1-3cm is allowed within the normal range.
2. Due to factors such as lighting effects and the brightness/contrast settings of the monitor, the color tone of the website photos and actual items may be slightly different.

Buyer Questions & Answers

Question: If I want to remove the wall sticker from the wall, is there good ways to make the wall sticker not leave any traces?
Answer: I am very happy to share my little tricks with you.
1. Warming the sticker with a hair dryer.
2. Heat items for 2-3 minutes to make them warm and soft enough, but do not too heat to damage the walls or ceiling.
3. Peeling off the items slowly,make sure there is no residual glue or damage to the wall or ceiling.

Question: What is the difference between a glass mirror and an acrylic mirror?
Answer: Acrylic mirrors are thinner, lighter and less fragile than glass mirrors. But the reflection effect is not as good as a real mirror, I just bought it to decorate my daughter’s room.

Question: Are the surface of these wall stickers shiny? Why do I feel a little fuzzy after receiving the goods?
Answer: I also received the goods these few days, you have to peel off the transparent protective film on the surface, the mirror surface will become shiny.

Question: Can these be cut?
Answer: Dear friends, 1pcs wall stickers cannot be cut. This wall sticker is composed of several pieces of hexagonal acrylic wall sticker, you can DIY it into the shape you want.

Question: What is total dimensions once its put together?
Answer: I think it depends on how many pieces you order and the shape/design that you decide to put on the wall. I only order 12 but in this picture there are way more than that. However, I love them and want to order more to make it bigger.

Question: Will it destroy the wall after removing it?
Answer: Can not be pasted wall surface: concave wall surface, gray wall surface,damp wall surface, hollow wall surface, diatom mud wall surface, concave wallpaper, wall cloth, long-term watering wall surface.

Question: How to avoid scratches?
Answer: Install all the mirrors first, and then remove the protective film. Do not wipe with hard paper when cleaning the mirror.

Question: Are they very clear? As to use instead of a bathroom mirror?
Answer: They’re pretty clear. They come a thin film on them that you peel off. I wouldn’t use them for a real mirror. They’re about at 8 on clarity while a real glass at 10. I like them!! Would buy more.

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